Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Baby

I can hardly be surprised that I haven't posted for the last 2 months. Having a baby is an all-consuming life choice. I'm either feeding her, changing her, putting her to sleep, playing with her, or thinking about the challenges of raising a child to be a decent human being. And then there's the not sleeping at night thing which is as bad as it sounds.

I suppose the scariest thing of all is knowing that this is your life from now on, you can't change your mind and return to sender. That being said, I love her and she's precious, and seeing those first few smiles kind of makes me forget all the pain and sleepless nights.

I suppose all we can do is pray for our children to become good people, and try to post on our blogs in the short in fleeting intervals of free time we have.

And now I have to stop because my baby's hands are cold and that situation needs to be rectified.