Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Let the dust settle at your feet, don't remove sand particles from your shoes because that's the sand from the graveyard. It lines the insides of your soles. Let the sadness settle in, let it find the parts of your heart it hasn't yet touched simply because there was no time. Let it invade, let it be as though you never felt happiness before. But then let it go.

Let your husband's perfume sit on the shelf in your closet so that your daughter can know how he smelled. Let his slippers lie in front of the bathroom so you can make wudu with them. Read from his pocket-sized Qur'an. Look through his wallet and remember the times he got his driver's license and library card. Wear his wedding band and smile at the thought of you both picking it out together.

See the gold coloured half-moon in the sky, believe it is made gold for him.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Asmaa, would you mourn a bird who is released from its cage and now roams freely in the heavens?