Friday, January 26, 2007

snow snow snow

My friend and I were bored today, so we decided to make a snowman at school:

Notice how the snowman has gloves, a hat, socks, and is holding a banana and an orange. By the way, all of these things I had in my backpack coincidentally. I have en extra pair of socks just in case mine get wet. I had gloves and my hat because it was bitterly cold. And I had a banana and orange for lunch.

It was fun. It was cold. The end.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

fun with unlikely stuff

I borrowed a piece of sticky tack yesterday. My fun started off with this plain old thing...

I made a lollipop. I made a snowman. I made a duck. I made a snake. I made my name. Does anyone have any requests? I'm willing to make and photograph stuff that you want me to. [please allow 24 hours for delivery of said requests] (I am well aware that I need to go back to grade one. And I can accept that.) REQUESTS SO FAR:

My interpretation of Hajera's darkness:


Mighty demented eye:

Beard, avec mustache:

First thing that comes to mind when I think engineer (also applies to self-portrait):


Scary hijabi

For everything else, there's mastercard! Now leave me alone.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Halal Love Poem

I read this poem and it made me smile. Yep, the Khadijah style :D

I love maryam
by: Olivia

Remember back at purdue,
during the summer of 2003.
It was there I saw you that day,
casually strolling down the street.

“Who’s that brother?!” I thought inside,
as my heart began to speed,
“SubhanAllah it’s like I’m seeing,
a sahabi walking down the street!”

I kept cool and lowered my gaze,
as you walked right on by.
Your beard swished in the sunlight,
“it’s so long”, I felt my heart sigh…

“Would I ever see him again?” I wondered,
he seemed like the guy of my dreams.
Guess I’ll go on with life for now,
make dua to be given the means.

But I couldn’t forget about you,
so I would tell all of my friends.
I talked about you constantly,
kept babbling on without end.

“Liv,” one friend advised,
“you know, some people might overhear.”
“We’ll have to give him a codename,
in case we’re heard by other ears.”

So it was decided you’d be Mariyam,
the “sister” I liked so much.
Who knew she was so wonderful,
and that I’d have such a crush.

But, alas, our paths kept crossing!
It seemed like more than coincidence.
Even now I feel myself smile,
as I recall each incident.

There was the time outside the lab,
when I almost ran into you!
It was there I always saw you,
wondering if you saw me too.

One time I printed something,
and the paper had my user ID.
In big black letters “okompier”,
all you’d need to email me.

An idea flew to mind,
there was a trash can within your reach.
“I’ll just place it right on top,” I thought,
“make it innocent and discreet.”

But I guess you never saw it,
and my hopes began to fade.
How can this ever work?
I don’t even know his name.

Then there was that time I went,
to Blue Nile for something to eat.
But since all the tables were full,
I went for desi food across the street.

I was about to start my lunch,
but my friend’s eyes grew wide.
“Liv!” she gasped breathlessly,
“you won’t believe who just came inside!”

There you were at the buffet,
so I tried to take a peek.
But you caught me looking at you!
I felt my stomach growing weak.

I stared blankly ahead,
too nervous to take a bite.
“Liv, he’s sitting right behind you!”
My head was feeling light.

These are some of many stories,
that prove the Qadr of our Lord.
But let’s skip to the climax,
before our readers get too bored.

I was doing MSA stuff,
with some sisters I hadn’t told.
They were talking about Sarosh,
whose identity I didn’t know.

“I don’t know him.”
“Sure you do!” one said.
“I’m sure you’ve seem him around.
He’s tall, rolls up his pants,
his beard nearly hangs to the ground!”

Sarosh! That was his name!
I found the key to unlock the gate!
All my duas had now been answered!
Oh Allah, what a beautiful fate!

I searched you on the directory,
your email was in my hands.
Now was the moment of courage,
but even fear couldn’t foil my plans.

I began to type the email,
“Asalaamu alaikum brother,” was the start.
“You may have seen me around,” I continued,
barely controlling my racing heart.

“I’m doing this Khadija style,” I wrote,
trying to make a show of confidence.
Don’t muslim guys tend to balk,
at female-initiated correspondence?

But you confessed you were interested too,
and that marriage was on your mind.
So from there our adventure began,
and a nikkah would be our bind.

We made dua for each other,
and Allah brought us together.
Mariyam, you’ve got my heart,
inshAllah, now and forever.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paul, the JERK

So if any of you follow For Better or for Worse like me, you'd have seen that Elizabeth's boyfriend was cheating on her. All this time! What a jerk!

Yes, I get emotional about comic strips!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What to do at 1am when you can't sleep and that huge jar of peanut butter just looks so good

Last night at around 1am, my little sister and I decided that we should do something fun because we couldn't sleep. She couldn't sleep because she napped from 4pm til 8pm or so when she came home from school, and I couldn't sleep because I had random stuff on my mind.

So we made peanut butter cookies. This is the pan that we scooped the batter into:

But then we decided to make it one huge cookie instead...

Any bakers out there know that making one big cookie really NEVER works. It ends up getting burned at the edges and uncooked at the centre. But it was 1am...and it really looked beautiful, man:

We both knew it wasn't going to work, but we didn't much care. But then, something great happened! Lo and Behold, it worked like a charm. Check out this beauty...

Then we thought it would be cool to cut it into pizza slices. So we did.

And it was so good.

For interested individuals, the recipe is:

1 cup of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1 egg. And chocolate chips - I don't remember how much we put in, just keep pouring til it feels right :) Then bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Do you ever feel like you've built your entire life on a facade?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Cute Stuff at Eid Prayer

I was at Eid prayer and I saw this. It was very cute.

This little kid held on to his dad while he was in prayer, and just wouldn't let go!

And, instead of putting his hands on his chest, the father put them back to hold his son because he didn't want the child to fall.

It reminded me of the instance when the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was praying and his grandson climbed onto his back, so the prophet prolonged the sujood (where you're in full prostration, face on the ground, as above)...

"When he (the prophet) finished his prayer, some of the companions said, 'You lengthened your bow? 'Then the prophet (peace be upon him) answered, 'My grandson rode my back and I hate hastening him'."