Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Strangers in this world

All a person is, is a shell. The only thing that can be seen is the outside - the inside is completely hidden; hidden from people you don't know, hidden from people you do know, even hidden from yourself. The mystery of what makes a person unique, is completely confuzzling. And so, am I a shell? As a Muslim, is that all people see? A hijabi's shell on the subway, walking downtown, going to classes. Hijab doesn't prevent people from judging me according to my appearance, although it should. All I know is that people stare, some are frightened, some amused, some just plain confused. It's a bit unnerving when I think about it - never really fitting in, even though I was born and raised here. There's some type of invisible line that seperates humans...we try to deny its existence, we try to imagine it away, but can't. And so you would think it unnerving to know that you can live out your life being an outsider. Being the "other". But read on: "Islam started strange, and will return as it began...thus, good tidings for the strangers" Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) And people began to ask him about these "Strangers" he had mentioned ... The Messenger of God said, "There shall come to God some people on the day of resurrection whose light is like sunlight." Then Abu Bakr said, "Are we the ones, O Messenger of God?" He said, "No, and you have much goodness, but they are the poor and the immigrants who will be gathered from the ends of the earth." Then he said, "Bliss to the strangers. Bliss to the strangers. Bliss to the strangers." Then it was said, "Who are the strangers, O Messenger of God?" He said, "Good people among many bad people. Those who will disobey them are more than those who will obey them." Strangers that the Prophet called "my brothers" and of whom he said: "They will believe in me without ever having seen me." And they continued to ask "Who are the strangers?" "They are those who follow my ways when my ummah is corrupt." "They are of those who will have moved away from their clans." "God will bring them together to join Jesus the son of Mary." SubhanAllah.

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