Sunday, July 10, 2005

In the Absence of the Sun

In the Absence of the Sun by Nauman Abbasi I love God for all that He's done That I'll pray on my knees In the absence of the sun On little pebbles and rocks That deliver my legs sharp pains While each drop hits down on me Soaking me in the pouring rain I'll humble myself in front of God And enjoy every moment I partake With my clothes drenched to never dry Yet my faith won't waver or shake With the elements against me With desires to fulfill my obligation In the rain with lightning pain On my knees down in prostration All for the sake Of fulfilling my duty to my Lord For the One that I love and worship And for the One that I do adore My inconvenience is insignificant For the reward that I aspire for I'll pray in the rain if I must So let it pour, let it pour.


Ameera said...

Hmm... I don't know whether to comment here, or at Target-Theory? :S

Any poem that has rain in it is already something to go ga-ga over... (except the "Rain, rain, go to Spain" one).

On the whole, a cool, intense little poem - it shows you know exactly what your priorities are. Now that's a blessing!

But, Asmaa, *why* on earth did you post this poem here? And *what* connection does the One-Inch tall poem have with the post over at Target-Theory? (It's a cute poem though!)

Please excuse this insolent brain.

Asmaa said...


No worries, your insolent brain is welcome here anytime. In fact, you will fit right in. >:)

If you think about it, the one inch tall poem fits the "Isolationist movement" post quite a bit. Just keep thinking.

And I posted "In the Absence of the Sun" because I read it a long time ago and liked it, then came across it recently and liked it again. And when I like things, I share :)

brotherhood said...

salaam :D another cool poem!

Get a life said...