Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Updates

March 18, 2008: at long last, gained G1 license.

March 19, 2008: lost job.

March 20, 2008: began job search with large amounts of chocolate in hand.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean lost job, did you leave?

And any recommendations about getting the G1, how did you practice & any good & lost costly driving school you went to

Yaser said...


Anonymous said...

How about a job at Cadbury's?

Asmaa said...

Anon, I left.

Yaser, well. Retarded office politics that I'd rather not go into. Sadly. And I have no back up plan, so I'm a little off-put.

Anon, but I might gain lots of weight. Really fast :D

afroza said...

asmaa..i haven't been on your blog in so long...yay you got your g1!

Asmaa said...

FYI I got my job back a while ago due to the retardation of work politics :)