Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tax Season

Asmaa wakes up on a chill February morn
but her oh so cheerful face turns to scorn

when she spies that suspicious envelope
she knows there is little hope.

they are her dreaded T4 slips
"oh hell no" she mouths with her lips

for this means tax season is just beginning
if she were a man, her hair would be thinning.

March comes and goes
but April starts her woes.

There are tons of rough drafts lying on her desk
the scene is ugly - nay, grotesque

more horrible than a gripping horror tale
for she has a hidden fear that she will fail

and her money will land in the hands of the Agency
they'll go on a rampage to collect their fees

and so Asmaa lies on her bed
capturing her whole body is this feeling of dread

all she can tangibly do is pray
but there is no escape from the CRA


adnan. said...

masterful photo editing.

Anonymous said...

Tax season, is not the deadline like a 4 days away? (Muslim Standard Time eh!!!!)

I think you could do better than a putting a hijab on a guy....why not just paste your pic over the face?

Tasneem said...

you have an art for the ridiculous! This was very amusing, though i think the guy is slightly more pastier then you :P

Nabeel said...

"if she were a man, her hair would be thinning"

if only you knew what it was like for your hair to thin.