Thursday, September 18, 2008

All in a Day's Work

I like making lists. It's much easier than writing in paragraph form. So, here's a list of the noteworthy things I did today, in chronological order:

1. I role-played a teen with drug addiction issues in one of my social work classes. Eerily enough, my act was very convincing.

2. I went to Second Cup after iftar with a friend of mine. I got a cookie, and asked the barista to put whipped cream on it, just to see if he would flinch. He didn't. My social experiment was a failure. To my chagrin, he promptly spread a thick layer of whipped cream on the cookie (which I hated).

3. We found a patch of grass on a busy square in downtown Toronto, took our shoes and socks off, and walked on it, marveling at how cold and wonderful the grass felt under our feet. A man walked by and looked us up and down (starting at our bare feet) and uttered a confused: "assalaamu alaikum..?"

4. I found a lost blackberry at Ryerson (what we were doing there is beyond me). And spent a good 10 minutes trying to locate its owner. It was a nice phone (i.e. I sympathized since I have the same one. Yes I own a blackberry - mostly because I'm a creep) so I felt it my duty to return it to the owner. I was successful.

5. I bought a lehnga. Lahenga? Lengha? It's to wear to my friend's wedding. I feel like one of those dazed and confused white people trying to fit into an Indian wedding. (This was technically done on Tuesday, however, I feel it is noteworthy enough to go on my list).

6. I tripped while standing on an escalator. I'm not quite sure how. Apparently I am capable of wondrous things.

I vaguely remember a few other things, but these will suffice for now.


sara said...

omg asmaa! I wanna see you in that Lengha. But in the meantime, take a picture of it for me.

Anonymous said...

you have a blackberry?? since when?

Asmaa said...

Sara, haha I'll send you a picture :D

Anon, yeah, since August. I find that it complicates my life.

druggie said...

i'm not surprised that you were a talented druggie. it relates quite well with reality.

Tasneem said...

have ever mentioned that your lists make me smile!

Asmaa said...

Druggie, awesome!

Tasneem, I'm glad :)