Monday, October 26, 2009

No Longer Human

That's right. I am no longer a human. I am officially an email-replying, conference-call-making, minutes-taking, research-building, small-talk-yapping, organizing MACHINE.

Who does not have time for much sleep.

Eating, however, I always have time for. And I find myself eating more than usual these days. It's to make up for the lack of sleep, promise.



Nauman said...

You still need to get yourself a Blackberry. ;)

Asmaa said...

I used to have one. It made my life way more chaotic.

sara said...

Ditto to all of these sentiments.

The only thing that makes me human right now is how much I cry.

Asmaa said...

Sara...same. I guess I do have some human elements, eh.

Anonymous said...

Super Humannn! fr:P