Friday, December 18, 2009

A brief summary of the year

In 2009, I:
Fell in love.

Bought 12 metropasses.

Got hooked on House.

Went from being a follower to a leader.

Realized that my chosen field may not be the right field for me.

Took 5 double-weekend, and 3 single-weekend courses on Islam, and still feel like I might never be close to God.

Went to Egypt and met my niece for the first time.

Got to see one of my best friends happily engaged.

Had my heart badly broken and clumsily splinted.

Complained to Allah.

Bought leather gloves and realized they don't keep my hands warm.

Wrote possibly the most painful, real post in my blog's history.

Opened one fortune cookie and regretted it.

Regretted at least 364 other things I can remember.

Was sad.

Still smiled.

Found that I had 500 facebook friends, but very few actual friends.

Cried a lot. Then laughed, then cried some more.

Will be going from age 23 to 24, God willing.
Perhaps 2010 brings something better.


Anonymous said...

"Wrote possibly the most painful, real post in my blog's history."

I just re-read that post. It's so true what you say in that post. We often need to remind ourselves of that. Thanks for the post!

sara said...

I'm glad that we spent the last year in each other's company.

I will tell you though, 24 is going to be the best year of your life (inshallah).

Anonymous said...

r u still in love?

Asmaa said...

Sara, me too. I hope 24 is better, inshaAllah it will be :) Thanks.

Anon, why does that matter?

Anonymous said...

who is your best friend who got engaged? the list is beautiful :)and is that also chronologically (monthly) arranged? 24 should be peaceful. inshallah

Asmaa said...

Anon, it's not chronically arranged, and I'm not at liberty to say just yet about my friend ;)

24 will be peaceful if I set my mind to it being so, inshaAllah :)

Abdul said...

"Regretted at least 364 other things I can remember."

same here!

all the best next year Asmaa! It will be great inshaAllah :-)

Anonymous said...


Never forget to start with alhamdulilah and end with alhamdulilah.

Basically, year 2009 you experienced life- you had amazing times and not so amazing times. That's dunya for you. I always tell my lil brother, "I dare you to try and be happy and smiling for a week straight" Dunya does not permit happiness throughout, hence we aim to please Allah rather than our hearts and pray for His(SWT)'s pleasure and being granted Jannah. Through this, even the toughest times makes us scream, alhamdulilah.

MashaAllah, mashaAllah, mashaAllah... you're beautiful, smart, you touch people's lives in a way you won't understand until you get your book on your right hand on the day of judgement...

may Allah(SWT) put more happiness in your life, make your hopes and desires reality and permit you to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow in the hereafter. Ameen!!

- China

Anonymous said...

Realized that my chosen field may not be the right field for me.


- China

Nauman said...

I think you had a good 2009... inshallah it's just a stepping stone to an even better 2010. :)

Asmaa said...

China, you made me smile from ear to ear.

Nauman, alhamdulillah I had a decent year. Looking forward to better days.

Anonymous said...

Better to have loved than to never have loved at all, no?

M&M said...

I re-read your post... its soo true and so well written. I think you reminded me of so many things that I constantly forget.

Inshallah 2010 will be a better year:)

Anonymous said...

<3! fr:)

Asmaa said...

Anon, yeah right. Whoever said that was a real damn jerk.

M&M, inshaAllah!

Anon #2, :)