Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I Work Out

When people ask me why I started going to the gym and paying more attention to my physical strength, I usually come up with dumb answers like: "Oh I just want to be more fit" or "working out gives me more energy" or the like.

Truth is, I hadn't really thought about it in detail before. But a few weeks ago I started thinking about the "why" a lot. And I came to an interesting conclusion - even interesting to me.

Basically, I refuse to be vulnerable anymore. What I wanted to change on a subconscious level was my emotional vulnerability. Making myself stronger gave me a sense of physical power, and since our bodies are irrevocably intertwined with our minds, physical power for me translated directly into raw emotional power as well.

Whether that has worked or not is still up for discussion, but such was my discovery. Then recently I found out I was doing everything wrong. Eating the wrong things, working out the wrong way, etc. And now I'm super annoyed and angry at myself for wasting my valuable time.

Let's see whether anger translates into results!


fathima said...


i always have this epiphany too often and too late.

Nauman said...

I use to use anger to fuel me... it's a powerful motivator but one that can only last so long before you realize that you need to drive yourself on more than just anger.

Besides, how much rage can a person really have over a long time... the fury subsides.

Rashmi D said...

I feel the same way when i work out :)

Anonymous said...

M.K. Gandhi is a direct anti-thesis to this perception. For many he appeared weak but he is the strongest in will in terms of taking on the British colonial state. He is more a violent man contrary to his physical appearance. His non-violence is part of his experiment with truth. I wonder how we can equate physical strength with mental strength.

Asmaa said...

Anon, easy, I'm not as experienced, weathered, or passionate as him. A true strength of mind means bodily strength is secondary. Perhaps I don't possess the former.