Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...and Muslim is the new Witch

A few days ago I was at an iftar at a friend's place. Apparently I was the oldest one there, as I so neatly found out while everyone was introducing themselves as 19 and 20 year olds. So my turn came around and I said "my name is Asmaa, I'm 24..." and a girl turns to me with a shocked look on her face and says "but you look so young!"

Well gee, I didn't realize 24 was the new 40.


Alaa said...

Wow. Maybe if you had some wrinkles or needed a cane they'd believe you.

You shouldn't go to those kiddie iftars. I mean, hang out with your own age. Sheesh. Geezer!

hajera said...

i agree with 'alaa.' i can't comment on her blog for some reason but is the essence of her name encompassed in a certain chocolate bar?

Asmaa said...

Great, I need to cultivate more white hair and wrinkles. Didn't think I'd ever need to add that to my TO DO list.

Lol haj, you should be able to comment on her blog...I can.