Friday, November 26, 2010

Sleeping with Unbrushed Teeth

Now usually, I find this to be disgusting. I can't possibly sleep comfortably while knowing my teeth have gunk from the day left in them. But what happens when you brush your teeth (planning to go to sleep) and then you suddenly crave a tasty morsel of food. Or you remember you wanted to eat something before and it had slipped your mind. Or your sister comes into your room and says "do you want to eat with me?"

In cases such as these, the pleasure of eating supersedes the benefits of going to sleep with brushed teeth. Because honestly speaking, after I eat...I'm not brushing my teeth again.

There is no point to this post. Well, other than the point made about eating pleasures superseding other pleasures.

Good day.


Anonymous said...

fat it up!

Nauman said...

Reading this post reminded me why it's good that I'm bringing an end to my blog... when one has nothing meaningful to say, the writer is compelled to write something that makes others cringe. Eww. :P

Asmaa said...

Feel free to not read my blog Nauman.

haj said...

i think your blog is very meaningful asmaa. so meaningful, in fact, that it's profundity escapes many.

this is a call to action. ahem.


Eye said...

i love this post! ur blog is called randomly placed for a reason. plus, its posts like this that just make my day go so much smoother :) honest. they make me smile.

Nauman said...

That was just a joke... relax Ms. Defensive. :)