Friday, December 03, 2010

Cookie Monster

Last week I had an itch to make cookie monster cupcakes. I had seen them online a long time ago and had vowed that I would one day make them because of their innate and true awesomeness.

I started with a cake mix (and I feel truly hypocritical for doing so considering I am severely opposed to the idea of mixes in general). Making stuff from scratch is definitely the way to go, but I was feeling super lazy and well, cake mix was on sale. The product of the cake mix was in most ways agreeable:

My chocolate cupcake concoction.

Following this, I attempted to make regular white icing blue, by adding blue food colouring. To reach my desired colour, I ended up using most of the bottle of food colouring - and in the process I got A LOT of things very blue, including my hands, tongue (from continuously licking my fingers) and even feet. Not really sure how my feet got blue...I'll leave that to your imagination.

Trying to get a my desired colour.
I didn't take a picture of the next step for some reason (which was to stick an actual cookie into a slit I made in each of the cupcakes). This is my next photo:

What you see here is an extremely creepy version of what the cupcake is supposed to look like. I put the cookie in its mouth (a little too deep) and used mints for the eyes because I didn't have time to buy what I was actually supposed to use (white chocolate wafers).

But hold on folks, it gets even creepier:

This cookie monster will come get you while you are sleeping in your bed.
This was my sad attempt at adding eyeballs with melted chocolate. As you can see, my first cookie monster cupcake looks deranged and somewhat rabid.

However, I did get the hang of it soon enough and these were some of my final product:

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it
They still look deranged, but in a more organized and less uncomfortable way. Anyway the moral of this story is that it was fun. You should try it. And I firmly believe that being creative with the things you can later eat is the BEST kind of creativity that exists.

I did feel sad making these because my nephew Adam would've loved them to death. He used to come barging into my room saying "cookie monster, cookie monster" so I could show him some YouTube clips of cookie monster while he sat on my lap. But alas his family moved. I DEDICATE THESE CUPCAKES TO YOU ADAM. (you might appreciate this when you learn how to read)


sara said...

inspire me to update.

also, I'm used to seeing you pretty much everyday and now I feel like you've disappeared.

Anonymous said...

They look amazzzziinngg...asmaa i have cookie dough in my freezer and im too afraid to try...encourage me

Asmaa said...

Sara, I know right :S hit me up when it's not snowing outside.

Anon, so you already have the cookie dough prepared in the freezer? Dude, most of your work is already done! Just try to imagine the scent of freshly baked cookies spreading through your home. There's nothing better than that. Except eating them...that's definitely better :)

Cookie said...

Yummee!!! They look extremely scrumpalicious *drools* I'm sure the real cookie monster would have attacked the tray and gobbled them all whole...

Cucumber said...


I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and after seeing this post.. I could not stop laughing! I'm guessing you are an Al Maghrib student because I posted the pic of your cupcakes on fb some time ago lol. :)

MashaAllah, you're very creative! Can't wait to see more of your baked goods :)

And Mabrook on your marriage. May Allah bless you and your husband with all the best in dunya and akhirah, Ameen.

Oh! And my name is Asma too =D