Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baking up a Storm. A Fat, Fat Storm.

Inspired by Bake it in a Cake (basically the best website I have ever seen), I decided to try baking a Reese peanut butter cup into a chocolate cupcake:

It was amazing. That is all.


Sammy said...

This site has inspired me. No, not yours! Bake it in a cake!!! Haha!

Feel a bit useful? No seriously, don't go down that road and go treat yourself to an endorphin-releasing workout. Or you could just eat some good quality chocolate. Either way, you'll get your endorphin shot - I know, strange...

Rafia said...

Salaam Asmaa!

I miss reading your blog! Good for you for keeping at it :) I'm tellin' you, I'm going to make this cupcake this week, thats how yummy it looks!!