Sunday, March 06, 2011

why I can't write a book

My friend tells me that I should write a book. I suppose I could write a book(let). I tried to write a book in 2008 and I got writer's block after approx 700 words & I subsequently quit. I think I've gotten used to this blogging style of writing - i.e. short snippets of thoughts, random pictures, descriptions of moments or emotions...but no consistent thread to keep it all together.

I'm missing that brain thread. It's all ripped up in my mind and I'm not sure if I can make it proper again.

Anyway, what would I write about?


Nauman said...

I've got a blog post about the exact same thing - I've been contemplating writing a book but just don't seem to have enough drive to actually write a full book out. Blogging, as fun as it is, has become an easy escape from a lengthy output. :(

Asmaa said...

What would you write a book about?