Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter Sea

The winter sea is indifferently majestic;
it is unconcerned with the city’s arbitrary nighttime gunshots
or upcoming contentious elections.
All it wants is to discover the shore’s bumps and old plastic chairs left by humans because the air got too cold, and to flood adjacent highways when possible.

The sea doesn’t care that you are empty inside, or that you go to it for a calming solace because nothing else is consistently good or peaceful.
All it wants is to protect its sunken treasures from prying eyes and the sun’s attempt to evaporate its surface.

When the sea is dark and the night prevents inquisitive eyes from distinguishing its edge on the horizon from the black sky, your soul won’t feel any more enriched.
The café lighthouses that are on the brink of being engulfed in its waves will not bring you closer to home.

The sea just wants to be left alone, moving heavy contents in and out of its unburdened heart.


haj said...

i miss your poetry

Asmaa said...

I miss you, Haj.

Teacher S. said...

I miss you both!
Fabulous poem, btw.

Yusuf said...

Well written poem, mashaAllah.