Monday, April 08, 2013

Growing up with Baby

Observing baby's different milestones reminds me of how God taught man that which he knew not (96:5). She was born as a 6 pound, and now she's learning things so quickly that it's rather shocking. She'll literally be able to do something today that she couldn't do yesterday. Like randomly reach up to touch my face in an inquisitive manner - my chin, then lips, then nose (then naturally my glasses to try and pull them off).

But the truth is, I think I may be learning even more than her. I'm learning how to be a different human being - one who doesn't have the luxury of being selfish anymore. I'm learning a lot about love and fear and parental paranoia. God is teaching us both how to be new and different every day. We are both growing up.


Zari said...

" I'm learning a lot about love and fear and parental paranoia."

You said it!

Was supposed to write a mabrook comment a long time ago, sorry! Mabrook :) My daughter is a couple of months older than yours :)

Sumayyah said...

SubhanAllah. Beautiful. May Allah guide us to be the best parents to our children at every stage of their lives. Miss you.