Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Misplaced thoughts...

We live in a very individualistic society. We're trained to think only of ourselves, to fulfill our own needs and desires. I've been noticing recently that many, if not most of my actions are to benefit myself alone. I feel my contribution to my community is lacking. So, I was thinking, if I die tomorrow, what will people remember me for? And the answer that I came up with, wasn't what I was hoping for. Does being uncultured make me less of a person? I went to the library with my friend yesterday and she seemed to have it all figured out - the types of books, music, and people that she's interested in. She gets really riled up about books and music. She was genuinly excited about getting a Toronto Public Library card (because she lives in Mississauga and is only eligible for one since she started university in Toronto). It's not to say that I'm not interested in culture. I mean, I like books and some music, but I sort of hover around the cultural periphery and take what I am given, not really venturing any further than I have to. I just don't know. I miss my family in Egpyt. For absolutely no reason, here's a picture of my nephew who lives in Egypt: (say Masha'Allah) My sister just called me...she's coming home in 20 minutes. I have to end this post now, for I have been summoned to make hummus for her. And put some pita bread in the oven so it's hot when she gets here. Sigh. It's been a pleasure. Thank you and goodnight.


brotherhood said...

salaam :D mashallah (h)

sara said...

The only reason why I get riled up about music and books and people is because it's the only real way I feel motivated or inspired to persue things. I don't think of myself as "cultured" in anyway though.

I also don't think it's a bad or make you less of a person to not know about certain things. In all honesty, I sometimes feel really materialistic when I get obsessive (haha, you obviously know my obsessive personality) like that.

I guess I don't know either.

Olde Woman said...

assalamu aleikum,

of all things you aren't (I shan't list them for your benefit, asmhuss ;P), near the top of the list is "uncultured". what the heck is "culture" anyway? I read a book this summer - which was a big deal since I hadn't read anything for the better part of a year that didn't come sandwiched between two unappealing hardbound covers and have pictures of molecules on it - but it occured to me that, whether or not I read it, I was not diminished in any way. That is, I realised that even though I was no longer the bookworm of old, it made no difference to God.

Remember: Inna akramukum inda'llahi atkaakum - the best among you is the most pious. Therefore, get out and do the most good you can.

As for music, >______<

Miss you, you old hag. : )

Modest Hijabi said...

MashAllah, very cute nephew.

Awesome blog btw, sorry i didnt get time to check it out earlier. I will link you too inshAllah so i can access it with a simple click.


Liam Saiful Din said...

Masha'Allah, what a beautiful child!

Anonymous said... does this work...

well, i'll post this and find out.

yeah Randomly, i hear u about how some ppl have things figured out. But u know wut, she probably doesn't... u know how some ppl say things to convince themselves.

i.e. my friend kept telling herself she doesnt like chips (when she did in reality) and now she doesn't eat chips. she's like, "its all psychological"

........ peace out babe

Asmaa said...

Sara: Thanks for the reassuring comment. I know you're obsessive - so am I, just not with normal things. (like I have an unhealthy fascination with bouncy balls)

Sheikh: Thank for the lovely reminder, you're amazing. I can't believe you're posting on my blog from overseas. I am honoured. Truly.

Amreeka: you're hilarious :D But I like chips. Sorry.

Hajera said...

Asmaa, you're definitely right...we do live in an individualistic society and increasingly so. When push comes to shove, I would argue that instinctively, we think only of our gains and give little thought to those around us. But sadly, this is the state of our culture and we're taught even, that our life is solely our business and we should follow the path that most fulfills us. Our Islamic tradition on the other hand is quite contrary to the western individualistic cultre and I suppose the test for all of us is how best to implement the tribalistic ideology in our lives, i.e. placing the good of our families and of our society above our good. Now this doesn't, ofcourse, mean that in certain cases, we would think first and foremost of ourselves and be completely justified in doing so.

PS. You have the cutest newphew, Mashaallah :-D

Asma said...

Thank you!

And, image not available.

Hummus.. lols :D