Sunday, June 05, 2005

Streetcars and the Case of the Confuzzled Girl

I was on the streetcar was on Spadina, driving through China Town. So the streetcar driver starts singing something like this into the mic/PA system, so all the passengers could hear: "China Town. The best place to go... to buy rice and fish Is anyone here cooking?" WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? I was beyond puzzled. It wasn't that the man had a displeasing voice...the most disturbing thing about the situation was that the driver was clearly Arab. I have to admit though, I laughed. But honestly, can't I ride the TTC in peace? Of course, there are those times where the bus driver decides to park the bus in the middle of the route and walk into Tim Hortons to get a coffee. Now that is truly annoying. Random fact: Did you know that streetcar drivers make $50,000. (And that's STARTING salary). Should I just quit school and aim to be a streetcar driver?!


brotherhood said...

$50K starting salary :o mashallah
hope u enjoyed ur ride :P

cncz said...

subhan Allah that's like France
the train drivers get like seven and a half weeks of vacation and they go on strike when they feel like they have been working too hard.

makes me want to get a job as a train driver

Asmaa said...

Dear Asmaa,

Your post is lame.

Best wishes,

Hajera said...

Dear Asmaa,

I agree with you :P

You think your driver was weird? There used to be this driver on Finch and everytime I had a late class, I'd get his bus...and he used to whistle and sing oldies the entire 25 min ride! Not that I minded it much, but it would be especially annoying whe

Seriously though, they really get 50 grand?!!...hmm...maybe I really should rethink the whole career thing.

Hajera said... would be especially annoying when i was trying to study

don't know what the heck happened there!

Anonymous said...

hey, i know that guy you were referring to.

Very sweet guy, mashaAllah (the streetcar driver that is.) Once we were approaching Church street and he said, "Church, not only on Sundays, Church street"

I was laughing so hard. Everybody else was busy tryin to figure out what he meant, including a friend of mine.

50geez... i dont know man, its a really boring job. And all those Asmaas you'd be driving, don't quit your day jobs ppl.

Asma said...

I know that driver, he is actually really funny!

"Dear Asmaa,

Your post is lame.

Best wishes,