Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sponge Babies

This is a little less serious than some of my previous posts, but it's extremely cute. I really couldn't help it.


brotherhood said...

salaam :D
ha ha lol aww i like that post :D
how are you? :D

Asmaa said...
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i-hate-spongebob said...

and then we wonder why little kids are so messed up today. just reflect on the nonsense theyre soaking in from their spongy role models. i much prefer the days of the care bears and my little pony, a little bit of optimus prime and g.i. joe. not to mention teenage mutant ninja turtles - turtles in a half shell!

gt_sweet said...

wow you were born in the 80's weren't you "I hate sponge bob" My little ponies rocked!! But Patrick is too cute!!!