Monday, November 14, 2005

Found it

This is like when something so apparently insignificant can jolt your heart and cause it to release its binding and open up to show the deep chasms of light and dark. Frightening as it is, it causes you to reflect - will you close up your heart as quickly as it has been cracked apart, or will you have the courage to face the dark that you find within it - and the light - with opened eyes and a sincere mind? At times I've felt this heart harden and close up, but now I can see again that I am not hoplessly lost. I have a map; it's just a matter of following the directions without taking my eyes off the road. Edit: What I found was the story of Abu Bakr (radiyAllahu anhu). Ask.


h.h. said...

'It is better to have loved & lost than to have never loved at all'

'It' may not be related to the matter of love but the saying also reflects that light (love)& dark (loss) are antagonistic to each other.

You said it yourself, the heart opened up the 'light & the dark'

If you do not confront the dark then you will not see the light as well.
Would you want to loose out on the light?

Umar said...

darkness is merely the absence of light.

Ameera said...

Assalam alaikum1

If you haven't lost your Imaan, you've lost nothing, that's what I feel. Allah might test you with anything in the world just to see how long you keep your hold on your Imaan in Him.

When the heart loses hope, it's actually Shaitan/Stan in there trying to keep the soul from the rememberance of Allah.

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel and that's the hope of the future. The future isn't just tomorrow, it's the Hereafter... and the Thereafter :)

I pray you get over your current problems with ease, inshAllah!

Assalam alaikum!

Destiny Overture said...

"Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light..." [2:257 Holy Quran]

ahy said...

Maybe i can and u cant break dance. SO nya you nerd (well... that's kinda encouraging you but whatever haha).

Umar said...

what was the story?

Ameera said...

Okay... well... I'm relieved it wasn't something unpleasant :)

I'm asking... what was it about?

Asmaa said...

Ahh, someone asked.

I love everything about Abu Bakr (the first to embrace Islam)...we hear these things as children but never really revisit them as we grow older...

It was the story of the hijrah when the prophet (peace be upon him) was waiting for permission from Allah (swt) to perform Hijrah. And Abu Bakr was waiting to hear who would be the one to travel with the prophet - when the prophet (peace be upon him) told Abu Bakr that he should travel with him, he wept and Aisha said she hadn't believed anyone could cry out of happiness until that day. "As-suhba ya Rasul Allah."

When traveling, Abu Bakr would circle the prophet continuously. The Prophet asked him why he was doing this and he replied that he thought enemies would attack from the front so he went there, then thought they'd attack from the left or he kept circling the prophet so that any arrow that would come from the enemy would hit him instead of the prophet. Abu Bakr's love of the prophet and value for his life was amazing.

Speaking of the incident in the cave...
Narrated abu bakr: I was with the Prophet in the Cave. When I raised my head, I saw the feet of the people. I said, "O Allah's Apostle! If some of them should look down, they will see us." The Prophet said, "O abu bakr, be quiet! (For we are) two and Allah is the third of us." (Book #58, Hadith #259)

I don't know...everything about him is just super amazing. It made me cry to hear the story. How far am I from his Iman? It's like the distance between the heavens and the earth. I realize this may be rambling, but it makes sense to me.

Ameera said...

You're not alone in the sense-making :)

Sometimes, you quake all over when you hear of the Sahaaba in such detail, and you cannot hold back the tears.

Those people were phenomenal... Abu Bakr, Ali, Umar, Zayd, Usman, Hamza... may Allah be pleased with them all.

But I can understand their love for the Prophet (pbuh), who taught them things of wisdom, and kindness and faith in Allah.

I am reminded, particularly, of the Battle at Uhud, when the companions circled the Prophet (pbuh) with their arms locked in one another, to protect him from the enemy. Some took so many sword wounds to their flesh and arrows to protect the Prophet (pbuh) that they were barely alive later.

In Surah Waqi'ah (Chapter 56), Allah reminds us of the most loved people in His sight, who'll be standing right infront of Him on the Day of Judgment:

"And the foremost in the race, the foremost in the race,
Those are they who would be brought nigh (Muqarribeen)
In gardens of delight
A multitude of those of old
And few of those of later time

Reference: 56:9-13

Ofcourse, few Muslims today can and have risen to the level of Imaan comparable to the Prophet's companions. But we've got hope, who know's we could be of the few people most loved by Allah, of the later times?

Sometimes I believe it's not that level which would be blessed, but it would be the amount of effort put into trying to reach that place.

Some never reach the peak but they soar in Heaven

"Then if he is of those brought nigh (Muqarribeen)
Then breath of life, and plenty and a Garden of delight"


Allahumma Rabbana Ja'alna minhum!

Umar said...

I was going to write a comment, but decided to make a post about it on my blog instead.

(thus generating more traffic to my blog)

H.H. said...

I understand now... I had it backwards. You're not going into some dark-deep place but you've been moving forward Evolving,
finding yourself, bettering yourself.

Its like in Dragonball Z you've now come to the super sian level!

Respect rating...higher than before ;-)

Asmaa said...

Ameera, SubhanAllah...thank you for your wonderful comment :)

Umar, why do people like advertising shamelessly on my blog? Tsk.

H.H., it can be argued that going into some "dark-deep" place is required before moving forward...

You have to find your weaknesses before you can fix them. And that's the scariest part of it all. So yes, there is a deep and dark place that I is part of the process of finding myself.

Umm I'm sure it is EXACTLY like Dragonball Z :P

Kidinme said...