Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Here I am at Your Service..."

I want to go for Hajj. Who wouldn't want to go, looking at this?

Recently I've been feeling the need to go for Hajj pretty intensely. I suppose it's because a bunch of my friends who went to Ummrah this past month just came back with amazing and life-changing stories. But it's more than that. There's this immense sense of history there. The life of Muhammad, peace be upon him and his companions, all of it happened there. It's where Islam was born. Being someone who has little sense of my own family's history, that aspect of depth and meaning is somewhat lost to me. But the history that's in these cities, Makkah and Madina, doesn't diminish from one generation to the next. On the contrary, every year that passes brings more pilgrims, more people seeking forgiveness and hoping for Allah's Mercy. I want to feel that this history is my history. It's more important than who my great-great-great grandfather was. If I had the money and a willing mahram, there wouldn't be anywhere in the world that I'd go first. Labaik Allahumma, Labaik. Labaika laa shareeka lakal labaik.


'liya said...

I want to go too.

Faraz said...

Insha-Allah, your desire will be met. What I've noticed, seeing that alhamdolillah my entire family has had an opportunity to go at some point, is that the prospect of going for Hajj always come up after some difficult decision needs to be made. There's always some test that comes beforehand, to really show the sincerity of one's intention.

With that in mind, insha-Allah, keep making du'a, and the rest of us will also make du'a for you and all those who sincerely want to partake in the majestic ambience that cannot be matched anywhere else.

As far as the history is concerned, you better go quickly, because it's being picked apart and destroyed by the Saudi government.

Umar said...

I was going to write about a related topic, but didn't know if I had all my facts straight.

What do you know about the Saudi Government's plans to restrict women from certain areas of the Haram?

Amani said...

Umar, see the petition here

and this

Asmaa said...

Thanks Faraz :)

I heard about the Saudi government's plans and I find it a bit heart-breaking, for lack of a better word. Either way, Allah (swt) will protect His house in any way He pleases, so I'm not too worried.