Monday, September 18, 2006


Here are some limericks I just made up right now. It's fun... 1. There was a young lady of Maine who was so incredibly plain. Her suitors were few, and she lived in a shoe. That ugly young lady of maine. 2. There was a silly boy named AP who liked to have cookies and tea. He quit his blog, and inhaled some smog That silly ol' boy, AP. 3. There was an olde woman of Kenya whose favourite word was "gardenia," She gave freezy stares, and climbed up some stairs That wonderful olde woman of Kenya. 4. There was a young man with no beard He looked incredibly weird. His uber-bare chin was possessed by a jinn. That nonsensical boy with no beard. 5. There was a young lady with a ball her brain was exceedingly small. She bounced it around, then used a noun. That asinine young lady with a ball. You should all try your hand at this, it's quite diverting.


Amani said...

LOL...those are so funny

There was a young girl with hijab
She wore it to please her Rab
She loved henna, that girl of jennah,
The pretty girl with hijab

Fro said... seem bored :)

Y said...

Assalam o alaikum


.. wtz with ur obsession with beards man ???
leave the poor people alone

Tasneem said...

Asmaa, you always manage to keep me entertained. Thank you for that! :D

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!! Priceless!!!++
His uber-bare chin was possessed by a jinn. <---HAHA!!! Superbe!
Oh man Asmaa you wrock. I miss you : )

There once was an Asm so coole
Who studied much Englishe in schoole
But when she was tired
Her brain she rewired
And left to eat cookies and foole.

Oh, and gardenia gardenia gardenia :D :D

hajera said...

There was a freak named Asmaa
every chance she could, she ate a banana
It caused her stomach to rumble and explode
So she switched over to plain old ribbed toad.

Asmaa said...

Amani, awww that was a nice one :)

Fro, I'm not bored, just tired.

Yusra, I know. I should really stop making fun of baby-faced men. Astahgfirullah :(

Tasneem, you're more than welcome!

Olde, I miss you too. I hate your schedule because it conflicts with mine. Similarly, I hate my schedule for conflicting with yours. Now that I've gotten that hate off of my chest, I LOVE your limmerick. It's so almost made me cry. (Oh, and Gardenia was the only thing that rhymed with Kenya! ;)

Hajera, I'm sorry but "Asmaa" doesn't rhyme with "banana," no matter how you pronounce it. In fact, nothing rhymes with Asmaa. Not in English anyways. Sorry :)

sh said...

Uh, Asmaa, limerick is spelled with only one "m."

Just thought I'd point that out - one English major to another.