Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nervousness gives rise to:

I'm doing a speech tomorrow, Sunday, at the new multifaith centre in front of some scary U of T people. I am quite nervous, especially since I have yet to prepare anything. To calm me down, I've made up some stupid poems.

There was once a lady in charge,
her feet were incredibly large
she ate some cake during an earthquake
that strange young woman in charge.

There once was girl from toronto
who was used to having things done PRONTO
she was delayed by a boy (who she went on to destroy)
That head strong girl from toronto.

I don't know, I can't think of any more. I'm going to go write my speech, now that I've gotten some ridiculousness out of my brain. Bye.

ps: is it weird to talk to your food? I just went to the fridge and took out some grapes and said "hello grapes, how are you?" Then I continued "grapes, I'd like you to meet my mouth." My little sister gave me a look of horror. I think she thinks I'm a psychopath.

Okay bye for real this time. Bye.


concerned friend said...

Asmaa, you JUST ate. GLUTTON!

Anonymous said...

there was once a girl
who had to give a speech
but words escaped her
and with ample time to find them
she chose to stop looking

How will she fare? We'll find out today

M&M said...

goood luck with ur speech!
n lol jokes of a poem.. use similar creativity for the speech n u'll wow the crowd

Mars said...

Hahahahha. I miss you man.

Anonymous said...

Asmaa says:
"btw, i'd like to dedicate this speech to hajera khaja"
hajera says:
omg yeah
Asmaa says:
"who wrote it for me"
Asmaa says:
hajera says:
hajera says:
"all the sophisticated sentences anyway"

omg hi asmaa