Monday, July 02, 2007

More from Masr

Here are some pictures to entertain you...or something.


Rizwan said...

The most hilarious one is of "GAG." I hope they meant to "parody"/"mock" the GAP. In any case, the GAP makes me GAG, but I somehow still ended up buying stuff from there...durable shirts aplenty...I think the prettiest one is that last one on the beach.

Keep 'em coming!

Ameera said...

I looooove pictures no 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9! Heheh... I always found those messages written on t-shirts extremely silly and in the kids' case, they never make sense.


One said...

Islam says to speak in defence of your brother, well here goes;

Pic 1) The wall is abstract art; It tells us that you can paint overyourself whatever shade you like but don't forget that which is under the paint (pretty good huh?! ;)

Pic 3) That's not Che Guavara, that's just Amr Diab looking tough

Pic 4) Oh pleaseeee shisha is the last thing to worry, find me an Egyptian guy fit enough to fit in that tight t-shirt lol!

Pic 6) I'm so sad people are laughing here....why can't we give our Egyptian brothers the benefit of the doubt.

Pic 8) Big deal everyone know the cracks are in Egypt!

Fi Aman Allah

shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,
I feel gloriously nostalgic, which is saying much considering I've never been to Egypt. I guess it's just the sense of the place, it reminds me of home, whatever that may be :)

Since "one" has done it, might as well..:

1) actually I like this, mostly for its familiarity - walls like that - so Middle Eastern

2) I'm gleeful just looking at this :) Ah, good ol crazy markets...dirt cheap, but bargain anyway!

3) hey che

4)you must buy me this T-shirt! or face serious health damages.

5)this really takes the cake - or should I say, the crown. prime hilarity (Asmaa, tell me you're not turning into a bazzar girl, it can cause health damages.)

6)haha, that's genius - why stop at the label, when you can counterfeit the entire store name! though it doesn't beat, "Adidos" (which is very very crafty and undetectable)

7)That doll is disturbing. Bride of Chucky - or should I say, bazzar girl of Ehab.

8)Reminds me of the Viola bar I got in Kenya...the Egyptian Viola bar ;)

9) nice.

Tusbiheena 3ala khair

Now go drink some goos.

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Aww, thanks for the pictures! I really like the shisha t-shirt haha

Asmaa said...

Rizwan, that Che in the taxi was for you. I'm still not convinced that they know who Che even is.

Ameera, my goal in Egypt is to expose Egyptians for the true ESL nation that they are ;)

One, hahaha yes, very good defense indeed. About finding a man who can actually fit in that shirt, yeah it's impossible :D

Shajara, haha I think they have Adidos here too. GMTA I always say. Or FMTA (fobby minds think alike). Pardon me while I drink some goos. Actually, the menga goos is especially good.

Squeeky, you're more than welcome :D Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Nabeel said...

GAG??? lol

'liya said...

Oh gosh... that mannequin is creepy! :S