Friday, November 30, 2007

Blasphemous Teddy Bear

This news from Sudan was tickling my funny bone.

Officials at Unity High School where Gibbons taught say she was teaching her 7-year-old students about animals and asked one of them in September to bring in her teddy bear. Gibbons then asked the students to pick names for the bear and they voted to name it Muhammad.

Each student then took the bear for a weekend to write a diary entry about what they did with the bear, and the entries were compiled into a book with the bear’s photo on the cover and the title “My Name is Muhammad,” in what teachers in Britain said was a common exercise to involve pupils.

At first I thought "these Sudanese folks...crazy people!" But then I was thinking about it very deeply and I thought to myself, I think they were right in reacting so harshly. I mean...setting aside the "Muhammad" naming, teddy bears are just pure evil. Those beady eyes. That smug look on their faces. It's obvious that they're out to get us. We should be very afraid.

Also, I think anyone who owns a teddy bear should be destroyed.


yaser said...

but now they're calling for executing the teacher. crazy sudanese.

Faraz said...

Okay, I don't usually laugh out loud when reading anything, but I burst out laughing reading that last sentence. :)

fathima said...

this is ridiculous. and pathetic.

MT said...

you're right.. those teddys are out to get us

Anonymous said...

hmm firstly I do believe this was blown out of proportion by the media secondly call me paranoid but I do believe someone who is a visitor of a country and understands the situation of the Muslims should be intelligent enough to realize that this was not the right move.

she violated their laws, now she will be punished accordingly. khalaas.
I heart Sudanese people.

Asmaa said...

Anon, okay so she violated their "laws" and must accordingly, be punished. But this "law" of theirs has no basis in Islam. Heck, it has no basis in anything remotely reasonable.

So when it's applied, it comes across as being incredibly stupid. Because it is.