Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thoughts from the office

So that's it. I have officially become someone who works weekends. Yes, this is my first Saturday here.

Hey I wonder if I'll become some type of crazed workaholic now. That sounds kinda cool...bags under the eyes, right hand shaking with a travel mug full of strong black coffee, irritable and anxious.

Only problem is, I'm way too lazy to be a workaholic. I mean, I'm blogging at work.

In other news. Winter blues.


MT said...

does this mean that work is no longer boring ? it appeals to you oh so much that you're in on a saturday ?

fathima said...

what you are is a person who blogs at work on a saturday

whole new levels of contradiction

Asmaa said...

people, no way man. I don't choose to go in on the weekend. My weekends are precious.