Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When you tell someone you love them, and their response is "what do you want?" you know you're doing something wrong.


'liya said...

Hehe .. sounds like regular conversation between loving siblings :D

fathima said...

what do you want?

Anonymous said...

Well put. This could be an aphorism =)

Maybe I'm doing something wrong if that's the response I get, but maybe the person asking me what I want is the one responding inappropriately. Maybe such a person is undeserving of my love (assuming I'm not just speaking words but that the words are a symptom of actual love I feel for that person and which is demonstrated in my behaviour towards that person).

I don't know.

hajera said...

but you're perfect...how could you be doing anything wrong? :S

and in related news, i think anonymous is on to something...bahahaha :D

Asmaa said...

Liya, haha it wasn't a sibling, it was a "good" friend. grrr!

Fathima, chocolate of course. (free chocolate that is)

Anon, hey I agree! And you sound smart. Would you like to take over my blog?

Hajera, indeed anonymous IS on to something. poke poke. (did I just poke you? man, facebook is getting to me. eww)

Anonymous said...

A response like that makes your tummy flip and your heart beat backwards. It's almost as bad as 'thankyou' as a response! BUT it Depends who's saying it to each other though, because honestly between sisters or brothers, it's just funny. Even between my mum and my brother I'm sure I've heard them say stuff like that.