Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm not usually a fan of February 14. I find it a little stale that there are only certain days in the year that people are expected celebrate love. And the way we celebrate, controlled by an overarching consumerism of course, is slightly restrictive and unoriginal. Blah blah.

But I won't lie. My mouth is definitely an ardent fan of the holiday, especially the 15th when all the Valentine's day candy goes on sale.

And apparently, Saudi Arabia also has strong opinions on Valentine's, albeit with a slightly different twist than mine.

It's all a little exciting. I've never had to buy flowers on the black market before. Maybe I'd try to buy some just for the thrill of it.

But think of the poor suffering Saudi's! No spicy cinnamon hearts, no sweet tarts, no (halal) marshmallows and gooey chocolates in the shape of hearts!

My heart goes out to them (not on the 14th though, that seems to be illegal).

In other news, when Feb 15 comes to pass, I shall have to report on all the junk that I've bought. Good day.


yaser said...

Costco it! Not only will it be super cheap, it'll be super big as well.

Anonymous said...

women's standars are too high. if a guy buys you chocolate and flowers, what more do you want??

amd i look forward to seeing what you've bought on the 15th. post pictures.

Khalidah said...

ok whoever posted this last comment is probably single.

Asmaa, sharing promotes sisterhood. I think u and I need to brush up on that sisterhood stuff...that is, if u still have and candy left! lemme know ;)

one of those crazy moslems said...

In a religion where gender interaction is so misunderstood, Vday is something good and to be embraced yeah! Yeah?