Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Adam

I am officially an aunt as of May 21, 2008. Bloggers, welcome Baby Adam to this world: The story of his birth is rather an interesting one. He was 2 weeks overdue, so the doctors decided to induce my sister-in-law's labour. It went on for about two days, so we were all just waiting for some news.

Adam was born with the umbilical cord around his neck, not breathing. After a few minutes he was okay, alhamdulillah, but still needed to be put into a special care unit for infants. We went to visit him that day, and it was quite the sight to be seen...

7 of us - my siblings and parents were in the waiting room, and only two of us were allowed to see him at a time. And it was heart-wrenching, to see his little body hooked up to an IV, and breathing in extra oxygen through a mask of sorts. And yet, he was still the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen.

My brother, a first-time father, was in a state of stress and worry the entire time. And for good reason. He was asking us to make dua for Adam that Allah (swt) would grant him health. And it was interesting - suddenly someone who's usually easy-going and light-hearted becomes a worried and protective father. In a span of 2-3 days, he's completely changed. Seeing him hold Adam in his arms was an interesting mix of emotions. My family is growing up.

It was raining that day. A sign of Mercy from Allah. And I think we were all praying that Adam would be a source of mercy, too. He is the first baby in our family, so maybe the novelty of being related to such a beautiful thing will wear off eventually, but not soon I hope.

Alhamdulillah Adam's completely fine now, crying and eating and crying and eating some more; it was just a scare. But it makes you realize just how many things can go wrong, and how every baby is a perfect miracle.


fathima said...

you're a first-time aunt? i didn't realise. mabrook!
he is a cute one, your nephew.

'liya said...

What an incredible story! Alhumdulillah everything turned out okay.

Congrats on becoming an aunt :D

Anonymous said...

having a cord around the neck is considered to a very lucky sign in some cultures - sometimes even destined for bringing joy to others.

Asmaa said...

Fathima, yes :) Thanks!

Liya, hehe now when he grows up I'll have an awesome story to tell him. And of course, I'll pepper it with exaggeration, too! ;)

Anon, errr I don't believe it was good luck per se. But it was something that made us reflect on the miracles of God :)

Adam's world said...

Congrats Mashallah. r u in egypt or Adam's here?

Asmaa said...

Adam's world (nice name :P), no we're both here in good old Canada. He's my brother's son.