Thursday, May 15, 2008

High-Tech Prayer Rug

Check this out. I find it neat that he's incorporating Islam into his PhD.

Get your PhD whilst racking up on rewards for making prayer easier and more accessible for people. Now that is a good plan.

(And an interesting aside. I've done this a few times and believe me, it is rather disturbing in the morning when you check your phone)


The WishMaster said...

You can get rewards with any Bachelors, Masters of Ph.Ds regardless of your field, if your intentions are right :)

I had 2 thoughts when I first read this; The first, he plans/proposes to develop this for other religions....that's something which needs pondering. I mean is that not promoting other religions? I had a similar discussion with someone when I saw a news report on some Muslims in India that built 'idol gods' for other religions. They are practicing Muslims with no belief in any other religion but Islam. However, they make their living by making 'gods' for others to worship.
The reason they do this is because its the only craft they know and learnt since generations.

The second concern was displaying 'scriptures', first of all, its being displayed, so how will one read it? this ;)
On a serious note, he mentioned that this is not the Quran but just scriptures so its ok not to worry about the etiquettes of handling the Quran....Is that accurate?

I mean people nowadays use those electronic books with the Quran in it, so does that 'not become the Quran' and/or needs to be treated like one?

I've seen some books that only have few surahs (if it's the case here) so do we treat that differently, anyone know? .....I mean to think about it the entire Quran was not compiled 1 book until Hazrat Usman's (R.A.) time, so did not every fragment/part also represent
the Quran?!....

Timbit for a thought anyone?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


hydroman said...

hmm.. i must say I'm not a fan of such devices. I've seen some similar things.

Prayer imo should be much deeper than a set of movements in a ritualistic manner. There's a level of consciousness awareness that one should maintain.

Not to mention I'd probably rather be reminded of simple god created things instead of the high tech gadget i'm floating on.

On the plus side, maybe for some really mesed up religion deprived kids this 'toy' will inspire them to pray more.. but then again fads tend to fade out..

I have seen some prayer rugs with a built in qiblah namah (is that an urdu word?) to show which direction the qibla is. This is someting practical which I'd go for.. especially if I travelled a lot.