Monday, October 27, 2008


This is just to let you know, I've eaten the plums in the icebox....

Wait, no. Sorry, wrong stream of my brain. Shall we start over? This is to let you know...I am currently running on 1 hour of sleep, 1 atomic fireball, 1 falafel sandwich, 1 litre of mango juice, 1 cup of coffee, and a whole lot of deflating adrenaline (sing it in the tune of that partridge tree christmas song).
"It's crunch time," says Asmaa as she munches away on dad's cookies. "No pun intended. ha. ha. ha."
Anyone has to admit, 2 papers due on 2 consecutive days in grad school is just pure evil. One down, one to go.

In other news, I think I want to dress up as a witch on Halloween and walk around campus with a similarly inebriated friend of mine. Any opinions on the halalness/haramness factor?


Anonymous said...

make sure you dress up /after/ halloween.

Rizwan said...

If you dress up as a zombie instead, what with your hijab on and such, you could make a comment on uncritical religiosity...or something like that =P