Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free hugs for idiots like me

Apparently Sunday was "Free Hugs" day. I happened to be at a crowded mall and saw a man and a woman holding up two large posters that said "Free Hugs." I watched them for a while, and then felt that I should participate, mostly at the behest of my friend who dared me. And apparently I never turn down a dare.

So I went up to the woman and gave her a hug, and started asking her about the social experiment and making conversation. After all, I felt it was only natural to exchange a few words with someone I had engaged in voluntary physical contact with. So then I turned to the guy and said "sorry, I can't hug guys."

Much to my horror and embarrassment, this individual said "umm, I'm not a guy" in a very feminine voice. So I fumbled for a moment, and then gave "her" a hug, too (what else could I do?). Then I promptly ran away, cheeks flushed.

I swear she looked like a he! Even my friends from afar were surprised that I was hugging a random male, until I explained it to them.

In short, if you're a woman, you should grow your hair long lest someone like me call you a man in front of 10 other people.



adnan. said...

your initial hug should have been refunded at that point and you should have been sent on your way. consider yourself lucky.

sophister said...

I like that you enforced your no-hug stance, nevertheless. It is principle that matters, not your lack of understanding on how to distinguish between male and female.

Yaser said...


but i do sympathize, if only because i say similar things all the time.

sara said...


reminds me of what happened in that prayer room at ryerson.