Sunday, December 28, 2008

Be Not Grieved

Should you not gain your wants, my soul, then be not grieved;
But hasten to that banquet which your Lord’s bequeathed.

And when a thing for which you ask is slow to come,
Then know that often through delay are gifts received.

Find solace in privation and respect its due,
For only by contentment is the heart relieved.

And know that when the trials of life have rendered you
Despairing of all hope, and of all joy bereaved,

Then shake yourself and rouse yourself from heedlessness,
And make pure hope a meadow that you never leave.

Your Maker’s gifts take subtle and uncounted forms,
How fine the fabric of the world His hands have weaved.

The journey done, they came to the water of life,
And all the caravan drank deep, their thirst allieved.

Far be it from the host to leave them thirsty there,
His spring pour forth all generosity received.

My Lord, my trust in Your purpose is strong,
That trust is now my shield; I’m safe, and undeceived.

All those who hope for grace from You will feel Your rain;
Too generous are You to leave my branch unleaved.

May blessing rest upon the loved one, Muhammad,
Who’s been my means to high degrees since I believed.

He is my fortress and my handhold, to my soul,
Hold fast, and travel to a joy still unconceived.

Originally in Arabic by Ali bin Husayn al-Habshi


abdul said...

thanks asmaa

Asmaa said...

I was very affected by this poem, so I wanted to share it.

Ahmed said...

salaams. Please can you provide a link to the Arabic of this Qasidah.