Friday, December 26, 2008

from Texas with Love

I am currently sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Houston, Texas. The reasons for which are quite muddled and confusing. There are Christmas songs playing quite loudly, while it's about 20 degrees outside and the trees are in full bloom. Seems rather awkward to me, but oh well.

I'm in the home state of George Dubya Bush. I brought some extra shoes with me in case.

So, the end of December arrives, which will leave me a year older (and a year wiser? probably not). This year has been filled with chunks of hard stuff for me, and moments of some sweetness as well. I think I was waiting for something that won't ever really come. I was waiting for assurance, absolute contentment and a deletion of all sadness. A little antidote for naivety was in order.

InshaAllah when I make it to Jannah, I will have those hopes fulfilled.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is...there probably isn't a point, similar to much of what I write and talk about.

Well, on to more grey hairs.

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