Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Her Umrah Du'a

A few months ago my friend went for Umrah for the first time. I was going through a rough patch, so I asked her to include me in her du'a.

A few weeks later I got an email from her saying she was back, and that she had made du'a for me. And what had amazed me about this was that she made du'a for me the first time she saw the ka'bah. Of all the prayers she could have made for herself and her family when her eyes first met the ka'bah, when she first felt that connection to history, to God, she chose me.

That she could love me enough to let that first du'a belong to me inexplicable happiness.


Abdul said...

hearing about things like this make me happy :-)


one truth said...

hogwash. i'm listening to sufi music and thinking of you as i smoke, well, whatever it is i'm smoking. i'm clearly better than this 'friend' of yours.

Asmaa said...

Abdul, I'm glad :)

One truth, I don't know who you are, but you are clearly delusional.

Yousaf said...

It is my pray that may GOD accept your Umrah and every prayer and give you cance again and again to avail cheap umrah packages for your whole family and your relatives.