Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ugly today

We have two public computers where I work. Tell me how a young guy comes in and starts watching porn, then gets offended when we ask him to leave, saying "I'm only human!" Keep in mind, this is a family-oriented centre.

Then when I was going home, as I was waiting for the streetcar, he had the audacity to come up to me and ask me for change. I wanted to punch him in the face.

Oh, and did I tell you about this crusty guy who was printing out a booklet with witchcraft and black magic spells? I flipped through his print-outs because he had left them there overnight.

I swear sometimes I wonder, really wonder, why I'm in this field.



Anonymous said...

It is wrong that the guy watches pornography in a public computer. He should not have offended by your advice. Just because he asked you for change why do you felt like punching in his face? He has all the right to read on witchcraft and black magic. If you feel aggressive for his change, witchcraft and black magic that is nothing different from his attitude of watching porn in public computer. You both appear same.

Asmaa said...

Anonymous, A man looking at porn in public and then asking me for change. And me. We're the same? And a man doing black magic calling on "Lucipher" and others. And me. We're the same?


Abdul said...

Salaam Asmaa,

On a totally unrelated note, I am applying to a few grad schools and they require a personal essay as part of the application process.

Think you could glance at it and give your input? You're good at writing!


Asmaa said...

Abdul, wsalaam, yes I'd be glad to look over your grad applications :) send an email my way.

(sister.asmaa at gmail.com)

Mars said...

anonymous is a freak.

Maverick said...

Why don't you guys have filters setup on those public computers yet, to block out spam sites, porn, malware, etc?

After this incident, I would hope whoever's responsible for maintaining those computers will take steps to see this kind of activity doesn't happen again, right?

Anonymous said...

I understand how irritating that must have been for you
@Anon .. You are a jerk !!!

Just out of curiosity, where actually do you work ? You see I am torontonian too :-)