Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blind Date

Kauthar sat on the ruddy beige couch in her brother's living room. Her palms damp, feeling as though her heart would detach from its vessels and fall to the ground every time she heard slight rustling at the door. She was jittery, waiting for a suitor - yes, the ongoing trial and error system of the marriage world was about to rear its ugly head once again.

Her patterned blue hijab smelled slightly of hair conditioner, and she nervously pulled at her skirt to make sure her severely untanned ankles didn't make an appearance. Also, she wanted to hide her larger-than-life feet.

Doorbell rings.

After removing his white golf shoes and uttering awkward niceties, Joseph handed her a gift bag tied up with a pink ribbon. Kauthar smiled demurely and offered adequate thanks while thinking to herself: really, Joseph, you're starting this relationship off with pink? Man up. (Later she forgave him, considering the gift was chocolate - a surefire way into her cookie-cut heart.)

They sat across from each other not quite wanting to make eye-contact; Kauthar's face had unfortunately turned red at the sound of the doorbell - a response her body automatically had to anything remotely embarrassing. She twirled some loose strings on her hijab between her fingers, waiting for him to speak, and trying to figure out how to snap the strings without Joseph noticing.

His hawk-eyes turned to watch her, read her, interrupt her train of thought. She shrunk in her seat, and was sure that he had somehow discovered her every weakness with that glance.

They sat for hours, chatting about books, mutual acquaintances, and other deeply meaningful matters. Kauthar slowly began allowing herself to notice that his jeans were a little too tight and why couldn't he have worn dress pants for the occasion? Joseph stood up to take a bathroom break.

He leaned over the sink towards the mirror to fix his shirt collar and sighed heavily. He briefly met his own eyes in his reflection, then silently covered his face with both palms, wanting to pretend she was someone else.

Kauthar poured tea.


sara said...

this is tragic and awkward as hell.

Pinky with a Brain said...

The ribbon is pink because he's giving it to a girl. Its not representing the guy's manliness since the ribbon should represent & please who it is being given to.

(Would a girl rather like manly black or a flaming skull on the ribbon instead :)

Asmaa said...

Sara, agreed.

Pinky, I don't know - don't complain to me, complain to Kauthar for thinking that.

Anonymous said...

What happens next?

Asmaa said...

Anon, does it really matter?

Anonymous said...

yes it does matter..lmfao

M&M said...

"then silently covered his face with both palms, wanting to pretend she was someone else. " oh noo.

is there a second part to this story???