Friday, March 12, 2010

Interviews suck

Yesterday I had my first interview of my post-post-graduate life (even though I haven't technically graduated yet - 4 weeks left inshaAllah!). I'm not quite sure if it was a success or not...I got lost and was 5 minutes late (as I always am for some reason).

My hands were sweating, my heart was racing; there were four people sitting across the table staring me down, trying to measure whether or not I'd be good for the job. The power dynamics are killer.

I'm pretty sure I answered at least one question with "because I'm just that awesome." I kid you not. They asked me how I keep from getting burnt out with all my community work, and that was my answer.

I think it's evident that interviews are not my forte. Some other dumb things I tend to say/do in interviews:

1. "That's a good question..."
2. "Hmm let me think..."
3. (insert some lame white-expression about the weather. Like "my what a lovely day we are having!")
4. I use the words "definitely," "yeah for sure," and "awesome" WAY too often.
5. My face turns bright red. Always, always, always.

Needless to say, interviews are definitely not what I'm looking forward to once I'm done school. Maybe I can take a few months off after school and just paint and write and sleep and be. Sigh.


yaser said...

Maybe you'll stand out because you're more honest than the other interviewers =)

yaser said...

I meant interviewees =/

hajera said...

you seriously said, "because i'm just that awesome in an interview"?!!!

Asmaa said...

Yaser, thanks for the vote of confidence :P

Haj, umm ya. I was nervous! Is that really bad? lol

sara said...

It's only bad if you didn't get any laughs. If you got a laugh or two then people caught that it was a joke, otherwise it's kind of awkward.

But we all know you are just that awesome. And the truth will set you free.

Asmaa said...

They did laugh, so I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for that :)

Nauman said...

Haha... yeah, I can see you saying things like that in an interview. You're a quirky personality, mashallah. :)