Friday, April 16, 2010

why I need to stop taking the bus

Someone sent me this message on facebook today:

"Hi, This may sound weird, but I see you almost every day on the bus in my area. I never thought I would say hello, kind of shy, but I see you on facebook now, so I thought I would say hi. How are you?"

I don't approve of this stalker-esque behaviour.


Anonymous said...

We should look into getting some pepper spray for you.

M&M said...

LOL! oh dear, hmm maybe you have mutual friends in common and that is why h/she messaged?
otherwise that is mad stalkerish

Asmaa said...

Pepper spray sounds good, especially since he continued on to ask me some weird and personal questions. Seriously...I need to get me a driving instructor pronto :S

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOL...not creepy at all.