Thursday, July 08, 2010

on the nutritional value of coke zero

This is a pretty rose I got from a wedding.

I decided to put it in a bottle of Coke Zero instead of a vase.

This is the rose after a couple of days in said Coke Zero.

I conclude that Coke Zero will eventually kill you (perhaps in the night). So stop drinking it.


sara said...

please do the same experiment in water, I'm more than sure the same thing will happen in a couple of days.

not to defend coke zero, but a rose will wither like that regardless of what you put it in.

love you!

Asmaa said...

That is true - my experiment isn't reliable because I didn't really have a control.

But I don't think the same thing would've happened - this one just got crusty. I think the one in water would've wilted more/the leaves would've started blackening or something.

But that's just a hypothesis. I'm too lazy to actually do a proper osmosis experiment. That's so grade 8 science fair. ;)