Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eat Mubarak

The ending of Ramadan is both sad and happy - the community starts to disperse, the warm masjid humming of kids and women making du'aa is mostly gone, and that high sense of spirituality is evaporating. But it's Eid, which is meant to be a beautiful celebration - and there's hope, lots of hope that God is pleased with our efforts and devotion to Him in the past month.

Yes, the ending of Ramadan is always so bittersweet. To make up for it, eat cake.


yaser said...

he won't be able to fit that cake into his gullet now that it's so narrow

eid mubarak =)

Anonymous said...

some gain weight during Ramadan ;-)

Asmaa said...

Perhaps my next Eid illustration will be a thin person getting fatter and fatter - then at the end, I'll put a picture of a slimfast bottle. The caption on the picture will remain the same ;)