Saturday, September 04, 2010

This is why I'm so nice during the day

I really enjoy art - painting, sketching, and just about anything that's creative. It gets my mind's wheels a-turnin' and my creative juices slopping around (that sounded nasty). And to top it off, it helps relieve stress and is quite the therapeutic hobby.

Take for example my most recent masterpiece: 

I call it "Night at Sea."

(Or the alternate title: "Death on Silent Seas whose Nightly Depths Decry the Secrets of Dark Souls.")

Like I said. Therapeutic.


Alaa said...

It looks almost metallic..
And the second title is definately the best.

Asmaa said...

It only looks metallic because of the flash on my camera :) and yes, the second title is quite morose, isn't it. he he he.

Anonymous said...

emo-ness yo holla