Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Everything's crazy right now. I pretty much packed for my sister since she is severely disabled when it comes to making decisions. Her: Asmaa, what should I wear on the plane? Me: Who cares? You're going to the ghetto. She's stilling thinking about what to wear. She was so desperate, she actually asked me for one of my bummy shirts. And no one wears my bummy shirts but me. The flight is leaving at 5pm. Technically, they should be at the airport right now, but you know Egyptians. So it's Air Canada until Montreal, then Egypt Air until Cairo. It's a pretty easy trip; last time we had to stop in Italy (everything there is crazy expensive - damn euros). Right now, my mom bought some nuts from Loblaws... My little sister: why do you want nuts? My mom: because I'm nuts. Hahahaha. (Please note that my mother is not nuts, this was just a joke) Edit: alright, they're gone now. My dad and two older sisters. It's so empty now. Not used to this emptiness.


who-made said...

Oh, For a moment there I thought you were leaving too. Here's what I did when my family left me home-alone.

1) tried my hand at cooking... kept me busy for hours on end. Within the month I became a world famous master chef of 2-minute noodles.

2) Google Earth. http://earth.google.com/ It's awesome, they have hi-quality satellite images of every major city in the world, (like Cairo) u can tell your family to come to the rooftop of their house, then zoom in to see them. :)

Have fun.

sara said...

Asmaa, call me! I wanna know what's happening!

Safiyyah said...

The one who's severely disabled...starts with an 'S', right? :-D
Tell her to take lots of pictures.

Asmaa said...

Unfortunately, I'm not leaving too. And I'm not home alone either! Grrr :)

Actually Safiyyah, the one who is severely disabled doesn't start with an 'S' surprisingly >:) Yeah, I told them to take pictures of everything.

brotherhood said...

salaam :wave:
hey jummah mubarak :D
i didnt see this post :( sorry

Umm Aisha said...

Salaams sister
First time i'm checking out your blog and its quite interesting.

I pray your sister's wedding goes well insha-Allah.

Umm Aisha

p.s. I'm sorry, I wrote quite a long comment regarding the London bombings. I did not realise how much till I had posted it.

Asmaa said...

Umm Aisha, thank you for your comments. And there's no such thing as too long!