Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First day of school

Patch of green on the highway grows yellow flowers delicate in my open palm bashful smooth discarded after moments, after a few tender strokes against my lips.


AP said...

Hey how did you manage to add that spam blocker to your comments?

AP said...

Why thank you Asmaa for that speedy reply.

btw, I wanted to add, I see a lot of attempts at depth and profound poetic words, but most of them are bullshit.

but the one you've got on this post is beautiful, the one about the yellow flower which represents the desi fob boy's dil.

dj said...

after a few tender strokes
against my lips.


1st sugarcanes now this, wat's next?

ahy said...

school SUCKS, but mine is fairly fun alhamdulillah but VERY VERY HARD

AP said...


Are you in the Engineering Physics program at U of Waterloo?

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum! :D

Aww ... how very sweet ... *sniff*

G'luck with first day! It's going pretty good with me, alhamdulillah. I missed school :S aww the hustle and bustle

Asmaa said...

ap, Thank you. Why would you think the yellow flower represents the "desi fob boy's dil"?

dj, I don't eat flowers - although I'm sure they would taste interesting.

brotherhood said...

im the last to comment :(
nice poem though :D

Anonymous said...

Where's the falafel post?

Asmaa said...

no worries "anonymous," it's coming. You know, I really don't know who you are. Seriously.

nwo said...

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Modest Hijabi said...

Assalamualaikum Asma, good stuff :)

elysium said...

How would you get flowers from the highway in your palms? I'm intrigued.

ahy said...

AP: "Are you in the Engineering Physics program at U of Waterloo?"

Nope, although I was going to go for computer sciences (everyone was encouraging me to go to Waterloo), but I totally switched fields as I came to dislike it. A friend of mine just finished Biology at Waterloo though.

I am doing computer animation. It's hard in alot of ways, time consuming, mentally consuming, etc... Deadlines, scheduling, time managment. For instance you have to have an assignment/project completedon the specified date's morning. If you are late after that period of time you lose 25% automatically. If you are past the 24hours from that period, you get an automatic zero.

The content is also exteremly squeezed and fast paced.

It's alright though.. if you can handle the pressure it can actually be fun... but it is alot alot of work... and sometimes you may not like it but you just HAVE to do it :)

brotherhood said...

salaam nerdo :D jummah mubarak! :D

ahy said...

how do i get this spam protection, im really anoyed when those spammers post in my blog's comments....

ابدلرحیم said...

I love the wildflowers that grow in the median strips and on the side in the summer :-)