Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Irony Sucks

You know what ticks me off? (Hey, why is everything ticking me off lately?) Anyways, so what ticks me off is twistie ties. Yeah, that's right, twistie ties. Those little bendable strips that come with plastic lunch bags so that all the junk you put into the bags won't fall out. I collected all the twistie ties that we have at home. Here's the result:

Well clearly, they put more twistie ties in the box than actual plastic bags. Why else would so many be left over? And it's impossible for any normal human being to use all of those - thus leading to the accumulation of twistie ties. So, I took them all and put them in a plastic lunch bag. And twistie-tied it shut.

The irony is killing me.


Umar said...

Ziploc - it's the way to go.

bliss said...

getting twisted over twisty-ties? Definetely needs to start.

Mars said...

HAHAHA. Wow, that sandwich bag company should really consider cutting back costs by including less twisty-ties in their boxes. Think of the Millions that could be saved. Tsk Tsk.

Asmaa, why don't you do something with them? Perhaps some kind of art project?

Nauman said...

Haha, that's funny.

And yes, Ziploc is definitely the way to go!

brotherhood said...

haha now i know what they're called..

i had a whole collection of them! :D

'liya said...

I love twisty ties - don't hate them!

If you like being cheap on everything other than clothes then you should use them to hold your papers together as a binder (I hate regular binders, I don't know why). I did that to store all my university notes by class and it worked out quite nicely.

Not to mention, you can make some interesting jewellery if you're bored :D

DysfunctionaL said...

this post and "irony" punchline really made me laugh..

i quite like.

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

haha well done ... and I actually like those twisty ties ...

Nusaybah said...

Oh Lord, please help us all. Actually just me. Because it seems like these creatures actually enjoy this strange form of entertainment.

Wil this 20 year old girl, I repeat, 20 YEAR OLD GIRL ever post something even a tad interesting in her lifetime of blogness?

The answer is clear and concise: NO.

I'm like, totally glad I deleted my blog. I was getting sick and tired of staring at the words "0 comments". Whatever, like I care. One day, one blessed day, I'll be better than you in every way possible (not referring to blogs) and then people will actually respect me for the work I've done. Blogging isn't everything, you know.

Alas, for this poor girl, it is.

murphy said...

hi nusaybah
i miss your blog

Asmaa said...

Umar, bah! Ziploc is expensive. And they never work properly either.

Bliss, no! School needs to end forever!

Mars, if I did some art project with them, it wouldn't be fit to be seen by the public. Actually wait, maybe I WILL do something with it. Hehehehe >:)

Nauman, you're all ziploc nuts.

Brotherhood, that's because you're a freak. Like me.

Aaliya, hey that's a very interesting notes. Wow, I thought I was the only one who hated binders. I use folders for everything. Aaand my Ryerson clipboard (not sure why I have a Ryerson clipboard. It's caused confusion in the past..)

Dysfunctional, glad you liked it :)

Sqqueeky, walaikum assalaam. They are evil.

Nusaybah, I seriously do not understand why you're so mean to me. Can you please explain?

Murphy, why?

Nusaybah said...


Besides, I would believe you if you were real.

I didn't even delete my blog yet. That's proof that your stupid.

Your homepage is Get away, spam.

Slave of Allah said...


i like twistie-ties, dangit!

but these days they come with garbage bags that have these plastic ties in them, so you won't need a twistie-tie to tie the bag.

I used to love playing with them when i had nothing to do

nice blog......very random

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
Classic, Asmaa :D
I used to twisty-tie a twisty-tie around my finger corskew-style, remove it, and try to see how tight I could make the coils. It's a real art, to get the diameter of your coils exceedingly small...

Random! Don't you love it?

Umar said...

lol @ nusaybah... your little, annoying sister, i presume asmaa?

Nusaybah said...

You're so rude. If someone called you, Umar, "annoying" for your whole life, you would get pretty ticked off, wouldn't you? So I suggest this: stop referring to me as "annoying", because you don't know the story behing that dreaded word. I'd like to be referred to the name I was named after, Nusaybah, and that only. Period! You even got infected by Asmaa's language. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

And one more thing for you, don't call me "little". I'm taller than Asmaa and I refuse to be called "little" just because I'm younger than her. You can say "younger", BUT NOT LITTLE.

As for you, Asmaa, you better stop telling people I'm annoying. Hate to break it to you, honey, but these people only think I'm annoying because they listen to you. God forbid, they listen to you.

I for one, am not annoying. Asmaa just says that because she has nothing better to say.

It's as simple as that.

Asmaa said...

Nusi, Murphy is a real person. I presume :)

Slave of Allah, yes, the bags that come without twistie ties are better. Just not ziploc.

Olde, I do that too. By the way, I expect you to keep that twistie tie that I gave you today. Or else...I'll have to give you another :)

Umar, my "little" sister, yes. She's not annoying. She probably has more coolness in one foot than you have in your whole body. Hehehe, no offense :D

Nusaybah, name one time that I ever wrote you were annoying. I don't think I ever did, so I don't know why you're saying that.

Umar said...

well, if you change the punctuation around...

your little-annoying sister, i presume asmaa?


nusaybah... your little, annoying sister, i presume: asmaa?

Lyrical Brother said...

AAAHAHAHA...twisty ties...classic

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