Monday, November 13, 2006

Annoying Text Messages: Part II

So I've gotten some more anonymous strange and unusual text messages recently. I've decided to keep a log of them on my blog whenever I get more:

November 10, 2006

3:02pm You Kicked my dog. You must now pay $29.99 for every bark she makes that sounds like a whoopee cushion. You must also give up a bone of yours to her.

3:04pm Warning! Excessive exposure to oxygenated air can cause one's lungs to start expanding and contracting! Be warned!

3:09pm Warning! Trix are for kids! Stop the rabbit from eating any at ALL COSTS! You will be compensated for all damages incurred by that rabbit.

3:10pm Warning! Robarts is under attack from literary books! Save the library by taking each book and throwing it out the window. Avoid hitting the squirrels.

November 13, 2006

12:22pm Warning! Your phone has been infected with the Timbuktu virus! To save your phone from damage submerge in water. Elexctrical sparks are normal.

12:26pm Warning! Aliens have landed in Malton! They bring strange spices, wear turbans and assault all humans with pungent odours! Beware!

I'm actually beginning to get irritated now.


Sara K said...


Dude. Thats a SERIOUS stalker.

Elizabeth said...

I have to least this person is creative!

safiyyah said...

safiyyah says:
i'm reading your blog at this moment
safiyyah says:
that is so freaky
Asmaa says:
isn't it though?
safiyyah says:
where are they coming from?
Asmaa says:
like, leave me alone you abhorrent rump-fed villian
safiyyah says:
safiyyah says:
but really, is this just spam?
Asmaa says:
no idea - they're sent from online, so they're anonymous
Asmaa says:
i dotn think they are...because one mentions robarts
safiyyah says:
i know, eh
safiyyah says:
but someone can't be that creative
safiyyah says:
unless that someone's playing a major practical joke on you
safiyyah says:
which would be hilarious
Asmaa says:
is it you?
safiyyah says:
safiyyah says:
why would you think it's me?
Asmaa says:
i one else is as freaky/creative
safiyyah says:
Asmaa says:
everyone else i know is too dumb
safiyyah says:
oh my, this is hilarious
Asmaa says:
Asmaa says:
OMG it's YOU isn't it?

Tasneem said...

Asmaa, it seems that you've been duped by Safiyyah.
If its not her those messages are pretty freaky.

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Oh goodness, I would get so annoyed with these random texts :S

Faraz said...

This reminds me of this stretch of voice messages I got from a friend that were equally amusing/disturbing. And just today, I got what must have been the most bizarre prank call at my office.

* dring dring *
"Hello, this is Faraz."

"Assalam'alaykum Faraz, we have received your bio-data and would like to discuss," said what sounded like an older gentleman on the other side.

"Excuse me? Who's speaking?"

"I am the person who received your bio-data."

"Okay, where did you get it?"

"This is your bio-data. Are you Faraz?"

"Yes, I'm Faraz, but who are you?"

"I'm the person who received your bio-data. Are you in Ottawa?"

"No, I'm staying mostly in Vancouver these days."

"Oh, when you are in Ottawa we will talk about your bio-data."

I wished the person well and hung up. I imagine it was a prank. I think. I hope.

Asmaa said...

Sara, tell me about it.

Elizabeth, I'm not so sure I want to have a CREATIVE stalker though :(

Safiyyah, haha our MSN conversations are never private I see. Now people think it's you.

Tasneem, it's not actually her, so yeah, let the freakfest begin.

Squeeky, walaikum assalaam. Ditto.

Faraz, that's really hilarious! Why are people such freaks? By the way, a phone doesn't go "dring dring."

Faraz said...

Okay, not sure how else to describe the sound my office phone makes, but it's something like "dring dring".

Anyway, I have a few theories as to why people are such freaks, but then I realize that these "freaks" usually make me smile.

Mars said...

Could this be happening because you put ur # on msn? I think so!

Asmaa said...

Faraz, that's very true - freaks are very entertaining, even though they can well, freak you out.

Mars, nope that's not it. If someone sends me a message from MSN, I can see their email address. This person must have gone onto the Rogers website and sent it from there. Weirdos...

MTR said...

are you incoming text messages free?
usually they cost 15cents per message

Anonymous said...

Incoming text messages with Rogers are free up to a maximum of 2500 per month... just make you don't exceed that many and you should be okay.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Okay, so I'm in class right now, and I typed in: omg asmaa is way cool, and your blog came up. Haha, nice text messages;)