Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fitting things to do on a Wednesday when you've only had one hour of sleep

a) Pretend to be Safiyyah Ally's sister.
b) Tell people that you are a white convert to Islam.
c) Laugh hysterically when a fob says "the backside of the room" when he really means "the back of the room."
d) Chase someone in the dark with a skirt on, while running past the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
e) Pretend to be Safiyyah Ally.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to include:

"Talk to brothers you like under the pretence that you're interviewing them as part of your studies in beardology."

Or maybe that would be crossing a line =)

Have you developed a t-shirt design for beardologists yet? I'd wear one if it was good (i.e. funny)

hajera said...

(d) was the funniest sight ever. Asmaa, I think you should chase people in the dark more often. It makes for excellent entertainment.

sara said...

I'm mildly offended by all of those things. Sort of.

Asmaa said...

Rizwan, what are you on?

Hagera, I might to that again in the future. But I'll save it for the days that I haven't slept. That way I have an excuse.

Sara, what exactly offended you?

Rizwan said...

I haven't inhaled anything suspicious this past week...I think.

I don't remember everything very well lately...

Other fitting things to do on Wednesday when you've only had one hour of sleep:

1) Your roommate's laundry (by accident)
2) Groceries (from the gas station b/c you're too lazy to walk the extra 10 minutes to the the rain)
3) Sleep (if you have time)

sara said...

Um, I don't know. I said mildly!

MTR said...

For item c. Do I know said fob ?

Asmaa said...

MTR, I do believe you know him quite well.