Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Word to the Weird

Maliha tagged me and now I comply, here: six weird things about me...dun dun dunnnn

Well, my whole blog is about me doing and saying weird things, so I suppose I'll have to conjure up some new crazy things about me that you didn't know before:

1. I love corny jokes. "So it's unfair that men only want to marry fair women, eh?" Get it...unfair, fair...when my friend told me that, I was on the floor! You sitting on the floor. Hahaha okay I'll stop now.

2. I'm actually really really angry right now (like, hatred has engulfed me, my blood is boiling, etc.) even though I'm writing a humourous post. So I can be funny while being mad? I guess so.

3. Sometimes I can't speak. The words just don't come out properly. I'll be like "hey, can you pass me that thing? What's it called? YOU KNOW, THAT THING! GAH! I HATE LANGUAGE!" (meanwhile, it's just an apple or something).

4. I wear black a lot. When I'm feeling really crazy, I'll burst out the navy blue. So yeah, according to Arab standards I'm not very girly. In fact, I'm a man. All I need now is a beard.

5. People are always remarking about how weird I am, but when I ask them to give me specific weird things, they can't. Isn't that weird?

6. I'm turning 21 soon and I feel like I'm still 17. Maybe it's the fact that I always carry around at least 2 or 3 bouncy balls in my bag.

7. (I know I was only supposed to post 6, but...well...I'm weird.) I googled "weird" and I found this, and now I want it:

Weird, eh?


AP said...

You can't be 20, I'm 20! I now have this terrible sinking feeling in my heart.

And as for weird, you're not weird. You just have a big personality. One day it might even take you places.

MTR said...

Re: # 7,

So you googled it eh? haha

I can attest to number 3. Number 2 is just plain scary. You're a dangerous woman

on a random note i vaguely recall you being introduced to someone as: "This is Asmaa, crazy Asmaa"

Anonymous said...

No, not weird. Cute is the right word actually. hehe.

Maliha said...

hahah...this is too cute! I can relate to 1 and 3...2 means you have a really special talent! Mashaallah!

I could never do that...i always write based on the particular emotion i am feeling...blah...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how women can talk so much, and at the end you're left wondering what she was talking about.It's a joke, a corny one. Excellent layout for the blog, I think I have one just like that.


khadijeh said...

Yes Asmaa those all sound like you HOWEVER you did bust out in a pink Hijab... i have the photo ;)

Also if any female can pull off a beard it is you my dear ;)

Asmaa said...

AP, hmm yes, that's what I like to think - that my personality will take me places. Like the zoo...the mall...etc. [corny joke alert weeooo weeeoooo]

MTR, who introduced me as crazy Asmaa? That's preposterous, I say!

Snowfire, since you're a girl, I will accept the compliment ;)

Maliha, I think #2 just means that I'm a psycho :S

Yusuf, sometimes I wonder why men always complain about women talking too much and yet they don't understand us. Isn't that kind of demented?

Khadijeh, yeah I think I can pull off a beard pretty well. And maybe I'd get "double reward" - you know, for hijab AND beard. w00t

Anonymous said...

yeah, you're definitely weird.

Anonymous said...

you're weird!

:-) a very weird way

long live weirdness!
(keeps the boredom away)


Maria said...

you are weird =\